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Current School Development Priorities

As part of our continuous journey towards becoming the best we can be, the school has a “School Improvement Plan”. This is a live document that is constantly updated, and the priorities are set at the start of each academic year with reference to our own Self-Evaluation cycle (which includes internal and external moderation of pupil progress and attainment, internal and external assessment of quality of teaching and learning, pupil performance in national assessments, and other criteria). The Plan is produced collaboratively by the school leadership and governing body. The governing body monitors the school’s performance against the Improvement Plan, and we support and challenge the senior leaders in equal measure to deliver that continuous improvement.


The governing body monitors progress through reviewing data on pupil progress & attainment and quality of teaching, most of which is delegated to our Performance and Standards sub-committee. Individual governors are allocated a particular area of the School Improvement Plan so that they can focus on it when they attend school for regular monitoring visits to observe first-hand our progress against our Improvement criteria.


For 2016/17 the broad areas of focus in our School Improvement Plan are:

  • Outcomes for pupils in English - strong focus on Phonics and writing, and all children to be at least in line with national standards across the literacy curriculum. (Allocated governors for monitoring: Revd D. Rice, Mrs C. Field, Mrs J. Norbury, Mr J. Youngman.)

  • Quality of Teaching & Learning - ensure that all teaching across the school continues to be at least “good” [Ofsted measure] on an ongoing basis. Embed “Quality First” teaching methodologies. Improve ICT provision. Review homework policy. (Allocated governors for monitoring: Mrs F. Crook, Mr A. Guyatt, Mr S. Newton.)

  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare - review attendance policy, improve attendance to be at least in line with national figures, target persistent absence with appropriate support. (Allocated governors for monitoring: Mrs A. Bagshaw-Hubbard, Mr J. Youngman, Mr S. Newton.)

  • Leadership and Management - continue to embed the governing body's Vision for the school; further develop middle leaders in the school; further strengthen governance to ensure the governing body is sharply focused on improvement in outcomes for all pupils through rigorous challenge to senior leaders. (Allocated governors for monitoring: Mrs L. Hall, Mrs C. Field, Mr A. Tattersall, Mr S. Newton.)

  • Foundation Stage - Sustain the number of children achieving a Good Level of Development; continue to improve provision of phonics teaching in EYFS; develop strategies to further diminish gap for pupils in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium. (Allocated governors for monitoring: Mrs F. Crook, Mrs A. Bagshaw-Hubbard, Mr A. Guyatt.)