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Kingfisher (Year One)

Welcome to Kingfishers! 


Miss Mitchell, Mrs Harpham, Mrs Rush and Mrs Wright are extremely excited and looking forward to a fantastic year with all the wonderful Kingfishers.


As we progress through the terms, this page will be updated regularly to share with you any important information and our experiences and learning opportunities.


The first term we will be focusing on establishing secure routines, building strong relationships with our new classmates and teachers and ensuring a smooth transition from the EYFS to the year one curriculum.


Reading books will be changed regularly; please listen to your children read every night, if possible. Books that need changing must be put in the pink drawers by Miss Mitchell's desk in the morning.


If you have any questions and aren't able to see me in person, please do not hesitate to use my email to get in touch!


Miss Mitchell smiley


Day 1 of Year One - exploring our new classroom

Jellyfish making - concentrating on colour, printing and patterns









Welcome to Kingfishers! 


Miss Mitchell and all of the Kingfisher team feel very lucky to work with such a wonderful, clever class! frown As we continue through the terms, please keep an eye out here for photos of our learning and information updates.


A few things to remember:

  • PE is now every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon as we are very lucky to have Elite Sports and Rugby Tots!
  • Reading books that need changing need to go in the pink drawer first thing in the morning.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email:


Many thanks,

Miss Mitchell smiley

Summer Term!

Comparing houses and making clay soil homes like the ones we saw in Mugurameno!

Comparing St Nicholas to a school in the small village of Mugurameno.

Should we be allowed zoos in the UK?

Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 1
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 2
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 3
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 4
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 5
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 6
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 7
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 8
Kingfishers have been looking closely at zoos in the UK in comparison to National Parks in Africa. We have discussed the pros and cons of zoos and today had a fantastic debate!

Using laptops to explore African Animals!

 St Nicholas Airlines are delighted to announce that the scheduled flight no.58326 to 'Surprise Destination' was a success!


Kingfishers began their journey by dropping off their hand-luggage before boarding the aircraft. After running through the safety rules, we set off on our trip. It was a bit of a bumpy ride!


When we arrived we still weren't sure where we were BUT we were hit with the boiling temperature of 38 degrees and  Miss Mitchell was sure she saw a Lion out of the window!


After collecting our luggage and a short transfer, we arrived at our destination. But where were we? It was Kingfishers job to explore the country to find out! They looked closely at the local animals, food, flag, musical instruments and tried to pin point our location using globes and world maps. 


After a lot of discussion and some fabulous suggestions, Miss Mitchell aka Senior Cabin Crew Member revealed that it was in-fact Zambia, a country in the continent of Africa, that we had landed in! We can not wait to continue exploring!!!!!


Have a look at our fabulous pictures and videos below of our wonderful day.



Still image for this video

Welcome back! smiley


Kingfishers are getting back in the swing of school-life by enjoying a fun filled day of phonics activities. Miss Mitchell has been blown away with their fantastic progress - you are all superstars!


In Maths today we have been looking at making quarter, half, three quarter and full turns. Here is us outside pretending to be robots! 


Have a look at our pictures below.

Royal Wedding!

What a lovely day of royal wedding fun! This morning Kingfishers were very busy making puppets, acting out the wedding, creating invitations and solving some very challenging Maths puzzles. 

If Meghan has 3 beautiful bridesmaids and Harry has 4 perfect pageboys - how many do they have altogether? 


This afternoon Miss Mitchell asked us to design our own wedding dresses on A3 paper THEN challenged us to make these into life-sized dresses. We had toilet roll, tissue paper and fabrics and worked fantastically in our groups, showing brilliant team work and determination.

Have a look below at our final products! 


A quick mention to St Nicholas' own 'Royal Family'. It was brilliant to see our own royal wedding in assembly today!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Musical Instrument Farm Songs

Farmer Gows


Wow. What a fantastic day! I'd like to first say an absolutely ginormous well done to Kingfishers who showed impeccable behaviour all day, you were amazing and made your teachers very proud!


We were very busy; feeding pigs, lambs and ducks, handling chicks and collecting eggs from the chicken coop, having a very bumpy tractor ride whilst singing beautiful farm songs and even squeezing in time to have a play on the hay bales.


There are SO many lovely photos, (note the capitals...  I'm sorry I just could not stop clicking!!!!), so I've separated the photos below into the different parts of our day to try and make it as quick as possible for you to have a look at and enjoy the lovely pictures of your children.



Miss Mitchell

Last ones I promise.... Tractor Ride!

Sunny Spring Walk!


Kingfishers enjoyed a lovely, educational, warm spring walk this morning. We looked very closely at what we could see, hear and smell and compared our findings to what we noticed last time we did this walk in Autumn!


We saw some beautiful flowers and will be exploring them a little more in class. And...of course we couldn't resist a five minute play in the park!


Kingfishers behaviour was fantastic throughout the entire walk, and was even praised by a passer-by. Well done! smiley



Maths Challenge Friday!

Maths Challenge Friday! 1
Maths Challenge Friday! 2
Maths Challenge Friday! 3
Maths Challenge Friday! 4
Maths Challenge Friday! 5
Maths Challenge Friday! 6
Maths Challenge Friday! 7
Maths Challenge Friday! 8

Above, you can see Kingfishers being Maths Superstars! Miss Mitchell was so proud of how fantastic everyone was with this tricky Maths challenge. We had to try and beat the 3 minute timer by sorting out pasta shells, pompoms, rulers, buttons and figure people into equal groups of 10 and we were all fantasticno (...Obviously creating our own crazy group names made it that little extra fun!)

Measuring in cm and meters, inside and outside!


Rugby-tots! 1
Rugby-tots! 2
Rugby-tots! 3
Rugby-tots! 4
Rugby-tots! 5
Rugby-tots! 6
Rugby-tots! 7
Rugby-tots! 8
Rugby-tots! 9
Rugby-tots! 10
Rugby-tots! 11
Rugby-tots! 12

Kingfishers Capacity Fun in the Sun!


Welcome back, we hope you had a relaxing Easter break!


We are beginning to explore our new farm topic in Literacy and have started learning about length, height and weight in Maths. Here we are discovering all about rules, what they do and how to use them! 


I wonder what the length of the longest crocodile was? 

Spring Term 2 

EGGcelent EGGrolling EGGstravaganza!

Thank you very much for your amazing egg decorating!


Today, Kingfishers had so much fun rolling their eggs on our make-shift hill in the hall (silly rain!).


All of our eggs went soooo fast and some of them even managed not to crack!


Below are some videos of our egg rolling in action, enjoy!



Happy Easter everyone!

Fossil making!


As we come to the end of our super dinosaur topic (boooo! wink), Kingfishers have had a go at putting all their fabulous knowledge of fossils to the test. First, we designed our fossils on paper and then transformed them into wonderful clay models!


We have had so much fun and cant wait to see the finished product when they are dry tomorrow! 

Down Syndrome Day!



As it was World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March, Kingfishers decided to learn a bit more about what Down Syndrome is. We had our very own expert, Violet, who was brilliant at teaching us all about it! After hearing Violet's experiences with her lovely sister, we made our own posters to raise awareness. If you see a poster in my bag, take a look and you might learn a fact or two! smiley

Super Sports Relief Day.........Kingfishers in action!

Still image for this video
Today for Sport Relief, Kingfisher class took part in the St Nicholas school rugby competition. We tried soooo hard and had a total of 1542 passes and as a class ran a combined 7.4km!


Thank you all for your generous donations and a big well done to everyone in Kingfishers!

This afternoon Kingfishers took a trip to the pond to see what we could spot. We were amazed by how many fabulous frogs we could see! We had lots of questions: 'What is the jelly?' 'Why are there so many?' 'What are the black spots inside the jelly?', so when we got back inside we decided to learn more about the frog life-cycle.


We discovered that in Spring, frogs lay thousands of eggs that will eventually turn into baby frogs. But first, they hatch into tadpoles - which look very different to frogs! How fascinating! smiley

We were welcomed into school today by Disco and his dino friends enjoying a good ol' book. As our morning activity, we decided to join them.


In literacy, we practiced our spoken language by thinking carefully about what we were going to write. We then transformed our facts into brilliant sentences and Miss Mitchell was blown away by Kingfishers beautiful handwriting.


Whilst Miss Mitchell was working with a guided group, the rest of Kingfishers were very busy designing and decorating their own dinosaurs and even had a go at painting a dinosaur scene using the time periods we learnt yesterday: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. 


Take a look for yourselves, I am sure you will be very envious of Kingfishers talents!!! 

Disco's Night-time Adventures...

Disco's Night-time Adventures... 1
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 2
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 3
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 4
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 5
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 6
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 7
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 8

A HUGE welcome to Disco the Dinosaur, the newest member of Kingfisher class.


Disco has hatched into a beautiful baby dinosaur. We all thought he was soooo cute...




He decided to have a birthday party with all his dinosaur friends IN OUR CLASSROOM. Dinosaurs are much more messy than humans, and everything had been knocked over and messed around during all their fun and games.


Let's hope Disco and his friends show our value of respect a little bit more next time they have a play date!

Did YOU read the newspaper last night?! 


If you did, you'll understand why Kingfishers are soooooo excited! We have discovered that our precious egg is a beautiful baby dinosaur! We read The Wallingford News this morning which informed us that the T-Rex, Freddie the Friendly Dino, from the Natural History Museum has lost seven of his eggs! We decided to look at the school cameras to see if Freddie had come to look at our school and WE SAW FREDDIE IN OUR CLASSROOM! frown


The news article explained that Freddie is only bothered about having a couple back, and so if whoever has the missing egg would like to keep it, they can write a letter to the museum to persuade them why they should be allowed!


We had a serious question on our hands.... Should we keep it or should we return it to Freddie?!? 


All children were thinking so carefully about their decision, and then had a chance to share their opinions with their classmates, before brainstorming altogether the reasons for and against keeping the egg on the board. It was then the children's chance to independently write down what they thought, making sure they were using persuasive language!! 


But that isn't all...


We then had a class DEBATE! It was excellent, we all had so much fun discussing and debating our opinions as to whether or not we should keep the egg. It was extremely evident from some of their answers that we have a very thoughtful and caring class! smiley Now it's time to write our letters...... I wonder what the Natural History Museum will say?!

The Discovery of the Unknown Egg!

Today, a mysterious egg has been discovered... it was found hidden deep under the sand. Kingfisher's have been studying it closely, and have all been fantastic in being super quiet so that we don't scare whatever is inside.


But... what is inside?!


We have uploaded some photographs of the egg to show you. Please could you help us discover what this beautiful green egg could be? Ask everyone you know and hopefully we will get some clues! 



This week, Kingfishers have been very busy looking at Chinese New Year. In literacy, we have looked at the story of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Ask your child and see if they can remember! smiley


Today we had a go at making our very own fortune cookies, writing inside a special message to our friends in Kingfishers to make them smile. We even had a go at writing our names in Chinese and designing cards.


What a fun day!

Spring Term 1

Number Day! 


Mrs Cooke and I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your generous donations for the NSPCC. The children have enjoyed learning about what the NSPCC is and spent time discussing how they support children who need them. We then had a jam-packed day full of maths, exploring anything and everything to do with number, counting and shapes! Here is some lovely photos for you to enjoy of the children engaged in their learning! frown

Have a look at our beautiful beaming faces after our wonderful maths today! Miss Mitchell is sooo proud with how brilliantly we worked as a team to complete some really tricky maths using tens frames and the part-part whole models. Well done Kingfishers!!! smiley

Wow! Best day ever!!!

Still image for this video
Today (23/01/18) Kingfishers and Grebes were surprised by a letter from the Evil Pea. He told us that he'd been up to lots of evil things throughout the night. HOWEVER, before he had finished his evil antics, Miss King arrived at school so him and his army of peas had to escape. Unfortunately for his army, the evil pea was the only one who managed to get out in time and it was our job to go and collect the rest.

We had soooo much fun seeing which year one class could collect the most peas, and then enjoyed following this up in the classroom by brainstorming and writing our own questions to the Evil Pea. We had a great go at hot-seating and enjoyed hearing everyone's responses to our questions in the role of the pea.

More pictures of the Evil Pea hunt...

A very warm welcome to you all after a lovely Christmas break and a very Happy New Year!


To kick start our new topic 'Superheroes', year 1 came dressed as either a real or fictional heroes. Our costumes transformed us into fantastic superheroes... and I think EVERYBODY was given the power of fantastic writing - as our sentences this morning were amazing. We shared some superhero texts and then had a very special visitor. Wendy, who works for the Royal Air Force, came in to share her experiences and information about her wonderful job. We had so many questions and loved seeing her uniform/rucksack and pictures of the helicopters she regularly uses. We felt very privileged to have a 'real-life' hero in year one, many thanks Wendy! 

Autumn Term 2

Father Christmas Surprise Visit!


WOW! Kingfishers could not believe their eyes!! After writing letters to him this morning, Santa decided to visit us AND he even brought a present for every single one of us. After Santa left, we brainstormed some words to describe him - "146% awesome" , "Happy", "Generous" "Fantastic!"


Thank you very much Santa! smiley

Tinker Brightbutton

Tinker Brightbutton 1
Tinker Brightbutton 2
Tinker Brightbutton 3
Kingfishers has had a special visitor! Tinker Brightbutton has been sent by Santa all the way from the North Pole to see us. How lucky are we!! Let's see what mischief Tinker gets up too...

Maths Challenge Friday!

Kingfishers love Maths Challenge Fridays!

Today Miss Mitchell told us that she was very busy last night making lots of cakes ready for the tombola. BUT some of her cakes had been mysteriously eaten and only 2 were left!!!

It was Kingfishers challenge to work out how many cakes Miss Mitchell had originally made and how many had been eaten in order to leave her with 2.

Have a look at some of our subtraction calculations! smiley

Children in Need!


Kingfishers had a fantastic time on Friday fundraising and learning about Children in Need. We all dressed up brilliantly in spots and even had our favourite bears with us to enjoy the day. Year One looked at what fundraising is, why it is important, and where our money goes and made posters to inform the other children at school.


Thank you all very much for your generous contributions, we very much appreciate it!

Marvellous Maths

After a lovely half term, Kingfishers are back and working extra specially hard with their maths. We are working towards adding 2 numbers together and have done so using a wide range of different activities.


If you would like to continue this at home please feel free. You can support the children by using any household objects as concrete resources, e.g. 2 tins of beans and 3 oranges to make the number sentence 2 + 3 = 5. This would be fantastic and I would love to see any photos/evidence/written work! smiley

Autumn Term 1

This week, Kingfishers have been looking about seasons, and in particular, Autumn. We have explored all the different things that happen in Autumn, such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and the Harvest Festival (which we are looking forward to celebrating at school on Friday 13th)! We have looked closely at all the things that are distinctive about Autumn, such as the change in colour of leaves. Today (11/10/17) Kingfishers went on an Autumn walk to the park, where we were able to collect some beautiful orange, red and yellow leaves. We couldn't wait to get these back to school to use over the next few days in our art work.

Say hello to Caramel...

Say hello to Caramel... 1
Caramel would like to introduce himself and say a huge hello to everyone. Caramel is Kingfisher's class monkey and is always looking out for those children who are following the Kingfisher class responsibilities, demonstrating our schools 3 rights, showing good looking, listening and sitting and overall just being fabulous. Every Friday, Miss Mitchell will be having a discussion with Caramel, and together they will be picking a child that Caramel is especially impressed with and would like to go home with for that weekend. In Caramel's overnight bag, he will be bringing a special book in which he would love for you to write about what you get up too together, draw a picture and even stick in some photographs if you take any. We have had our first wonderful Kingfisher take Caramel home this weekend, enjoy yourselves - Miss Mitchell is very jealous and can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Jam Sandwiches!


This week Kingfishers will be learning all about how our bodies work and what we can do to ensure we keep them fit and healthy. One way is to make sure we make healthy food choices. As part of the Harvest Festival, we are learning the ‘Five a Day’ song which is helping remind us of healthy fruit and vegetables we can eat. We started our week by making jam sandwiches and were focusing on instructional language; making sure our instructions were clear, short and precise!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

School Council Election


Just a reminder that the school council election will be on Friday 29th September. All children are able to put themselves forward by creating a speech to share with the class as to why they feel they would be a good councillor. After the speeches each child will be able to have an anonymous vote and two children will be selected.


Good luck!

Smoothie making and tasting! smiley


As part of our healthy eating topic this term, Kingfishers had a go at making our own Banana and Strawberry smoothies. We even got to try them after! I wonder if your child enjoyed it?! Have a look at our thumbs up or down!

Archie the Hearing Dog!


Yesterday on Monday 18th September, Year One were extremely lucky as we had a very special visitor, Archie the hearing dog! We absolutely loved having 2 year old Archie join us in Kingfishers and learnt a lot about how Archie is able to help children and adults who are deaf. He can inform his owner when the doorbell goes, the phone is ringing or the fire alarm is going off by using his paws. How amazing!

Term 1 - Autumn


The first term we will be focusing on establishing secure routines and building strong relationships with our classmates and teachers. In order to do so, we will be focusing our activities around children's social, emotional and well-being as they transition from the EYFS to the year one curriculum.


In order to make sure we can pitch future lessons at the correct level for all children, over the next few weeks we will spend some time assessing the children so all learning is tailored appropriately. 


Our first topic is "Our Busy Bodies!" where we will be exploring our different body parts and begin to think about how and why it is important to keep our bodies healthy. This topic will explore healthy eating, exercise and even touch on how other countries around the world stay fit and healthy.


Thank you very much for your support so far, our first few days have been wonderful. I have really enjoyed hearing and seeing all about your wonderful summer and am very much looking forward to the rest of the term.



Welcome  back to term 6! The topic this term is SPACE and it has been a pleasure to see the children's excitement about this topic.

This week we have explored the solar system and learnt the names of the eight planets. We have talked about astronauts, gravity and of course Tim Peake. We enjoyed performing "Whatever Next" in our rocket acting like an astronaut. We had also a lot of fun making planets, aliens and rockets for our Role Play display. 

Picture 1

We have also done an amazing piece of writing about an alien wearing underpants with super power. We have designed, drawn and described the alien with specific details. We worked very hard on connectives, adjectives and suffixes -ing, -ed.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Look at our fabulous mobile! This week in Kingfisher Class we made a mobile from The Jungle Book. We wrote a description of our favourite character including new adjectives and similes. We also made a collage and we enjoyed drawing and using a variety of materials.

Picture 1

We also celebrated some great work in our "Be The Best You Can Be Gallery". Well done Imogen, Amanda, Hope and Jackson for working so hard on your handwriting and for applying your phonics in your     "Walking Through the Jungle" story!  

Picture 1

Have a fantastic half term and keep up reading the alien words in your book bag smiley

This week we have been adventurous making our own giant number line beyond 100. When we finished it, we were so proud. What a fantastic team work! 

We also enjoyed practising Yoga and acting like jungle animals. It wasn't easy but it helped us relieve our body from daily tensions.

This week we have been very busy in Kingfisher Class. We wrote our own version of "Giraffe can't dance" using adjectives and specific verbs to describe our dancing. Then we performed in front of the class. We loved it! 

We also created an amazing project called "Jungle Map". We wrote a letter to a friend and informed him of the dangers in the jungle.

We went on adventure to find a horse with a golden mane. We danced pretending to be animals in the Wild West and we made a human raft. We had a lot of fun!