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Kingfisher (Year One)

Welcome to Kingfishers! 


Miss Mitchell, Mrs Harpham, Mrs Rush and Mrs Wright are loving every minute with our Kind Kingfishers and are really looking forward to the rest of the year.


As we progress through the terms, this page will be updated regularly to share with you any important information and our experiences and learning opportunities.


  • Reading books will be changed regularly; please listen to your children read every night, if possible. Books that need changing must be put in the pink drawers by Miss Mitchell's desk in the morning.
  • PE is now on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon as we are very lucky to have All-Stars Cricket with us in year one - please ensure your child has the appropriate kit. 


If you have any questions and aren't able to see me in person, please do not hesitate to use my email to get in touch!


Miss Mitchell smiley




Spring Term 1

Week 2

In RE this week we were thinking about our wonderful world that God created and all the amazing things we have in it: waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, plants, animals - the list is endless! We then had a brilliant discussion about what our idea of a "perfect" world would be. If we had the opportunity to create a world, what would we have in it? What would it look like? What do we think is important?


We then had a go at creating our own world using Lego, drawings, construction. Have a look and see if you can spot/guess any of the features of our wonderful worlds smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
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Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22

Week 1

Year One are super duper lucky to have All-Stars Cricket in to teach us the wonderful sport! Today was our first session and we learnt how to hold the bat, the positions (batters and fielders) and practiced our throwing and catching.


Welcome back and Happy New Year! 

I hope you had a lovely Christmas break and ate lots and lots of delicious chocolates! Kingfishers got off to a super start with our awesome Superhero Day featuring Superman/woman, Spiderman/woman, Iron Man, Ninjas, and lots of real life heroes such as Doctors, Care-workers, Police, Nurses and Mummies!



Picture 1

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!


WOW! What a terrific term we have had in Year One; the children have worked super hard and all the teachers are immensely proud of their progress. We have enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner together today and even had a surprise visit from Father Christmas! Some children have described today as 'the best day ever' which has been lovely to hear smiley All the Year One team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, a well deserved break and a Happy New Year. See you in 2019 for more exciting learning experiences!


... Remember to come dressed as a spectacular superhero on the first day back after Christmas - Monday 7th January! We look forward to seeing you all smiley


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Kingfishers have had a lovely morning today creating our beautiful Christmas tree decorations and didn't even realise they were doing marvellous maths at the same time! They all thought very carefully about the sizes of their pieces of card, making sure they started with the smallest piece and gradually got bigger.


We are looking forward to seeing our beautiful trees that will be ready and waiting to be sold at the FONS Christmas Fayre on Friday 7th December! 

Picture 1

Phonics Super Stars...


Miss Mitchell and Mrs Harpham have been gobsmacked at the fantastic progress the children are showing with their phonics and reading. Every single Kingfisher has demonstrated perseverance and really are 'Becoming the Best They Can Be' with their reading. I am so proud of you all, keep up the hard work! 


If you would like to join in and encourage any phonics games at home, have a look at for free, fun and interactive games that everyone can enjoy smiley




Look at our Lovely Letter writing!


We have been excited this week, discussing for the first time about our Christmas play and what characters we are going to be! Kingfishers' thought that we would like an audience when we are performing our play so decided to write a letter to Paddocks and Fir Tree to invite them. 


We thought very carefully about the features of a letter before writing, including:

  • Addresses (where is the letter going?)
  • Recipient (who is the letter for?)
  • Key Information (what do we want to say?)
  • Sender (who is the letter from?)


Have a look at some fantastic examples below. Well done Kingfishers, I am very proud of you!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Exploring our 5 senses and labelling our body parts


Today we were linking our recent experiences of Bonfire Night to our 5 senses, discussing what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. We then thought carefully about where each of our 5 senses happen on the body and had a go at drawing round and labelling our own wonderful bodies. We even sang a bit of head, shoulders, knees and toes to remind us!


Have a look at our lovely labelling below. 


Term 2 Week 1: Welcome back!


Welcome back to the second term of Year 1! We are very excited to explore our new topic 'Sparks in the Sky' which will include learning about fireworks and Guy Fawkes, along with festive activities and opportunities for writing. This term will have a curriculum focus on art which will broaden our skills, including making our own fireworks by 'straw painting'. We will also be learning about the human body for science and focusing on E-Safety for computing. Bring on a fabulous term! smiley

Full-stop Bop!

Still image for this video
In order to remember the three important features of a sentence: capital letter, finger spaces and full stops, Kingfishers have been learning the 'Full-stop Bop' song. It is very catchy... I'm sure you will be hearing it at home too!

Fabulously, Fantastic Fresh Fish Fingers!


Miss Mitchell has been incredibly impressed with how fantastic all children have been during their first term in Year One. As some of you may know, we have been looking closely at the text 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' as our writing stimulus. When trying to think of how I could show Kingfishers how wonderfully proud and happy I am with them all, I decided there was only one solution... Fish Finger making... (of course)!!!


We began by thinking about what ingredients and equipment we would need, and had a big discussion about health and safety. In small groups we then had a go at making them ourselves! smiley Afterwards, we began writing our very own fish finger recipe in order to teach Grebe class and their teacher Miss McPhail how to make them too! 


Have a look at our cooking in action below, we had a brilliant time and were all super sensible.



Kingfishers have really enjoyed the most wonderful day full of fantastic art activities associated with Harvest. We had a go at three different activities this morning, each focusing on a different skill to learn. First we had a go at printing using carrots and potatoes to make terrific tractors for the Farmer's fields. We then had a go at painting and collaging in the hall in order to make our very own field, using straight lines to make the ridges and furrows created from the Farmer's machinery. Then, our final activity was looking at processed art using the story 'Stick Man'. We used real life sticks and paint to create our own stick families. Have a look at our pictures below!


We really enjoyed learning and practising lots of new skills and look forward to showing you some of our examples at the Harvest Festival on Friday afternoon. It would be brilliant to see as many of you there as possible smiley 

Puffy the Pufferfish and her surprise party!


Today Kingfishers were discussing the section of 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' book where they throw puffy a surprise party to cheer her up. We had a little party full of fantastic fun games like musical statues and musical chairs.


But... we soon realised, our party was very short because we simply weren't organised enough! We decided that the way we could have a super duper party would be to make a list of all the things we wanted and needed. 


We all had a go at writing a list including things like: chocolate milkshake, balloons, food and pass the parcel! Sounds like fun to me! smiley

Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families!

Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 1
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 2
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 3
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 4
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 5
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 6
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 7
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 8
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 9
Introducing mathematical vocabulary - fewer, less, more, greater and equals - by comparing and drawing our lovely families! 10

Kind, Caring, Creative Kingfishers


Miss Mitchell would just like to let all parents know how absolutely fantastic Kingfisher class are being. All the children are showing how ready they are for a fabulous year in Year 1. frown It has been lovely to see such brilliant behaviour, frequent displays of our school values and the children's eagerness and desire to learn.


This week so far we have been enjoying learning some Autumn songs, experimenting with different musical instruments, looking at Charlie the Crocodiles more than and less than mouth in Maths and discussing what it means to be special and unique just like Barry the Fish with Fingers in English and RE. 

National Fitness Day!

St Nicholas Infant School celebrated 'National Fitness Day' on 26th September. The whole school had a 10 minute burst of exercise at 10 to 10. Year 1 and Year 2 joined together to have a 10 minute run... I wonder which year group managed the most laps of the field?!

This was followed by some cool down exercises and stretches from Miss McPhail. Have a look at the photos below, can you see your child all puffed out!? smiley



Jellyfish making - concentrating on colour, printing and patterns









Welcome to Kingfishers! 


Miss Mitchell and all of the Kingfisher team feel very lucky to work with such a wonderful, clever class! frown As we continue through the terms, please keep an eye out here for photos of our learning and information updates.


A few things to remember:

  • PE is now every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon as we are very lucky to have Elite Sports and Rugby Tots!
  • Reading books that need changing need to go in the pink drawer first thing in the morning.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email:


Many thanks,

Miss Mitchell smiley

Summer Term!

Comparing houses and making clay soil homes like the ones we saw in Mugurameno!

Comparing St Nicholas to a school in the small village of Mugurameno.

Should we be allowed zoos in the UK?

Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 1
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 2
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 3
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 4
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 5
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 6
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 7
Should we be allowed zoos in the UK? 8
Kingfishers have been looking closely at zoos in the UK in comparison to National Parks in Africa. We have discussed the pros and cons of zoos and today had a fantastic debate!

Using laptops to explore African Animals!

 St Nicholas Airlines are delighted to announce that the scheduled flight no.58326 to 'Surprise Destination' was a success!


Kingfishers began their journey by dropping off their hand-luggage before boarding the aircraft. After running through the safety rules, we set off on our trip. It was a bit of a bumpy ride!


When we arrived we still weren't sure where we were BUT we were hit with the boiling temperature of 38 degrees and  Miss Mitchell was sure she saw a Lion out of the window!


After collecting our luggage and a short transfer, we arrived at our destination. But where were we? It was Kingfishers job to explore the country to find out! They looked closely at the local animals, food, flag, musical instruments and tried to pin point our location using globes and world maps. 


After a lot of discussion and some fabulous suggestions, Miss Mitchell aka Senior Cabin Crew Member revealed that it was in-fact Zambia, a country in the continent of Africa, that we had landed in! We can not wait to continue exploring!!!!!


Have a look at our fabulous pictures and videos below of our wonderful day.



Still image for this video

Welcome back! smiley


Kingfishers are getting back in the swing of school-life by enjoying a fun filled day of phonics activities. Miss Mitchell has been blown away with their fantastic progress - you are all superstars!


In Maths today we have been looking at making quarter, half, three quarter and full turns. Here is us outside pretending to be robots! 


Have a look at our pictures below.

Kingfishers Capacity Fun in the Sun!


Spring Term 2 

Fossil making!


As we come to the end of our super dinosaur topic (boooo! wink), Kingfishers have had a go at putting all their fabulous knowledge of fossils to the test. First, we designed our fossils on paper and then transformed them into wonderful clay models!


We have had so much fun and cant wait to see the finished product when they are dry tomorrow! 

Disco's Night-time Adventures...

Disco's Night-time Adventures... 1
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 2
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 3
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 4
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 5
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 6
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 7
Disco's Night-time Adventures... 8

A HUGE welcome to Disco the Dinosaur, the newest member of Kingfisher class.


Disco has hatched into a beautiful baby dinosaur. We all thought he was soooo cute...




He decided to have a birthday party with all his dinosaur friends IN OUR CLASSROOM. Dinosaurs are much more messy than humans, and everything had been knocked over and messed around during all their fun and games.


Let's hope Disco and his friends show our value of respect a little bit more next time they have a play date!

Did YOU read the newspaper last night?! 


If you did, you'll understand why Kingfishers are soooooo excited! We have discovered that our precious egg is a beautiful baby dinosaur! We read The Wallingford News this morning which informed us that the T-Rex, Freddie the Friendly Dino, from the Natural History Museum has lost seven of his eggs! We decided to look at the school cameras to see if Freddie had come to look at our school and WE SAW FREDDIE IN OUR CLASSROOM! frown


The news article explained that Freddie is only bothered about having a couple back, and so if whoever has the missing egg would like to keep it, they can write a letter to the museum to persuade them why they should be allowed!


We had a serious question on our hands.... Should we keep it or should we return it to Freddie?!? 


All children were thinking so carefully about their decision, and then had a chance to share their opinions with their classmates, before brainstorming altogether the reasons for and against keeping the egg on the board. It was then the children's chance to independently write down what they thought, making sure they were using persuasive language!! 


But that isn't all...


We then had a class DEBATE! It was excellent, we all had so much fun discussing and debating our opinions as to whether or not we should keep the egg. It was extremely evident from some of their answers that we have a very thoughtful and caring class! smiley Now it's time to write our letters...... I wonder what the Natural History Museum will say?!

The Discovery of the Unknown Egg!

Today, a mysterious egg has been discovered... it was found hidden deep under the sand. Kingfisher's have been studying it closely, and have all been fantastic in being super quiet so that we don't scare whatever is inside.


But... what is inside?!


We have uploaded some photographs of the egg to show you. Please could you help us discover what this beautiful green egg could be? Ask everyone you know and hopefully we will get some clues! 



This week, Kingfishers have been very busy looking at Chinese New Year. In literacy, we have looked at the story of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Ask your child and see if they can remember! smiley


Today we had a go at making our very own fortune cookies, writing inside a special message to our friends in Kingfishers to make them smile. We even had a go at writing our names in Chinese and designing cards.


What a fun day!

Number Day! 


Mrs Cooke and I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your generous donations for the NSPCC. The children have enjoyed learning about what the NSPCC is and spent time discussing how they support children who need them. We then had a jam-packed day full of maths, exploring anything and everything to do with number, counting and shapes! Here is some lovely photos for you to enjoy of the children engaged in their learning! frown

Wow! Best day ever!!!

Still image for this video
Today (23/01/18) Kingfishers and Grebes were surprised by a letter from the Evil Pea. He told us that he'd been up to lots of evil things throughout the night. HOWEVER, before he had finished his evil antics, Miss King arrived at school so him and his army of peas had to escape. Unfortunately for his army, the evil pea was the only one who managed to get out in time and it was our job to go and collect the rest.

We had soooo much fun seeing which year one class could collect the most peas, and then enjoyed following this up in the classroom by brainstorming and writing our own questions to the Evil Pea. We had a great go at hot-seating and enjoyed hearing everyone's responses to our questions in the role of the pea.

More pictures of the Evil Pea hunt...