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Moorhen (Year Two)

Welcome to Moorhen Class



Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Redhead, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Rush and Mrs Cox


We are looking forward to sharing wonderful learning opportunities together as a class this year and to see the children become the best they can be in Year Two.


Important Information:

P.E is on a Monday afternoon - we will also be running 1km a day straight after break.

Children need to continue to read every night and must place their books with reading records into the blue box in the mornings, if they need their book changing.

Library will be on a Wednesday and the children will choose a book to share with someone at home.

Please make sure that all school uniform and school items are named to limit confusion and items getting lost/misplaced. 


If you have any questions or concerns please come and see me or alternatively contact me via email:



Autumn Term Week 2

The children have been working very hard this week in Maths on place value.  They have been exploring 2 digit  numbers looking at different ways they can be represented using practical resources including numicon, straws, base ten, tens frames and bead strings. The children then went on to show representations of numbers using paints, chalks and pens.

How many different ways can 73 be represented?

7 tens and 3 ones which is the same as 73 ones which is the same as 6 tens and 13 ones

Can you think of any more?

Autumn Term Week 1

Following a carrot trail

and solving clues to find out our new topic is.......


Beatrix Potter