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Swan (Reception)

Welcome to Swan Class

Keep an eye on our class page for updates and photos of what we have been up to! As always, you are very welcome to catch Mrs Hendry for a chat about any questions you have or news you would like to share. If you can't see her in person, please feel free to use her email.

When I grow up...

This term we will be thinking all about when we grow up.

We have made a great start already thinking about different people in the community and how they help us. The children thought of some really good ideas. 


Week commencing 19th June

This week we had a very exciting visit from Grant Bennion who is a postman! 

The children really enjoyed finding out about his job and how he delivers all the letters! 

We have now written and sent lots of letters in our post office.  

Becoming an artist...

We were really lucky to have Mrs Armitage in this afternoon to talk the children about her job as an artist. She showed the children some of her work and explained how she does it. The children loved having a go and making some of their own patterns on birds! 




Ready Steady Grow 


Week commencing 8th May

This week we have enjoyed telling the story of the ENORMOUS turnip!

We have also been using our shoe shop for lots of maths opportunities. We have used money to buy shoes, measured our feet and counted in twos! 


The children have loved finding minibeasts in our outdoor area this week, so we will be continuing to find out more about this topic next week. 


Show and Tell

Don't forget show and tell on Wednesday. 

Next week's groups are Rabbits and Owls 




Summer term

This term we will be getting stuck in to planting. We will be planting sunflowers, beans, cress, strawberries and much more! We will be investigating the stages of how plants grow and what they need.


We have made a great start by planting sunflower seeds and broad beans.

Oh dear- our sunflower seeds haven't started to grow! Why has this happened? We will investigate next week!



This week we have also been learning The Little Red Hen. the children were brilliant at telling the story, using great story language. 


Next week we will be reading the story of The Enormous Turnip. We will also be learning about money and using it to pay for items in our shoe shop and garden centre! 


Thank you to those who have brought in seeds and plants- we look forward to planting them and watching them grow! 


Super Scientists

Spring Term 1 - Week 4

This week is British Science Week. We launched a week of being scientists with some experiments on the playground. We made predictions, planned a fair test, gathered results and made some conclusions. Excitement was had when we explored what happens when you add mints to coke and learnt the scientific words for the bumpy coating on mints is nucleation sites and that the gas in coke, carbon dioxide, gets excited by the mints and causes an eruption! We experimented what happens to our bodies when we do exercise, discovering that our lungs, heart and muscles have to work hard. We have also started off an experiment to see how flowers use water. We are testing plain water, blue water and red water (and some of the left over coke from our first experiment after a suggestion from one budding biologist!)


Here are some experiments you can try at home to join in with British Science Week - let us know how you get on!

Yo ho ho! 

We have been exploring a pirate's life this week! 


We have been developing our communication and language and our co-operative play by sailing on our very own pirate ship in search of treasure! 


We also buried treasure for other pirates to find.

We needed to work as a team! 


How will they know where to find it? A treasure map of course! 

We needed to draw really careful directions and use our phonics to write instructions. 


x marks the spot... 

Found it! I wonder what treasure is inside...


Swan class really enjoyed their first rubgy tots lesson this week


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas. We are looking forward to starting the Spring term where we will be exploring lots of different journeys.

We will start by sailing off on our pirate ship to explore the seas and search for treasure! Yo ho ho!


If you have anything at home that would help us in our pirate topic, please do bring it in to show us! 


Keep an eye out for 'proud clouds' in your child's book bags. We would love to hear if you get up to anything exciting with your family or do something new for the first time that we can celebrate. 

Our topic this term is

Whizz Bang Pop! 

We will be learning all about fireworks, space and Christmas! 

Swan class are very excited about our new topic and we have already had some great learning experiences. If your child has any books about space and wouldn't mind bringing them in we would love to share them. 

We are really enjoying reading and sharing books in our reading tent! Can you find some interesting places to read books at home? 



We have P.E. on Thursdays.

We have been really impressed with the children trying to get changed for P.E. independently.  Thank you for all of the labelled kit which really helps! They have really enjoyed their first P.E. lessons. 



Grandparent's day


Thank you to all of you that came to Grandparent's day on Friday. The children really enjoyed showing off their classroom, doing activities, sharing books and eating cake with their Grandparents! 


We have had a super start to the new school year! The children have settled in really well and have been making the most of all the learning opportunities in the classroom and outside. Have a look at what we have been up to!


Grandparent's Day


Remember Grandparent's day on the 30th September at 11:00. All Grannies and Granddads welcome!