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Becoming The Best We Can Be

Grebe (Year One)

To access weekly overviews for Remote Learning please see the Remote Learning page. Follow the link below and please don't hesitate to get in touch should you  have any questions.

Welcome to Grebe Class


We are looking forward to helping the Grebes in becoming the best they can be in Year 1.

The grown-ups helping them on their journey this year are Miss Horne, Miss Marshall and Mrs Naiver.


We will making the most of all the learning opportunities both inside and outside. As we move through each term we will add photos, information and home learning to this page so please check back each week to see what we have all been up to.


Should you have any questions or concerns please catch one of us as the gate or make an appointment through the office, alternatively contact us via email:


We really value the time you spend helping your child to become confident readers. Initially this comes from being read to and from talking about book and stories. Ideally we ask that you spend 10-15 minutes a day on a reading activity with your child. This could be a bedtime story or sharing books with siblings.


We also send home a library book each week. This is a book chosen by your child to share at home from the school library. This will be changed once a week so please remember to bring it in on a Friday so your child can swap it for a new one. Should you wish to change it more frequently please let us know as we are keen to encourage the children to share books at home.


The home reading scheme books we send home are designed to complement our learning and develop your child's phonic skills and comprehension. We aim to change this book as frequently as time allows, if you need a new book please place it in the multicoloured basket in the classroom


In PE we make use of the hall and outdoor areas to learn gymnastics, dance and games.  We will normally be doing PE on a Tuesday with the help of Coach James but on occasion this may change so it is a good idea to have PE kits in school all week. We will send PE kits home on a Friday. Please ensure all items are named otherwise lost items tend to stay lost!

Learning at home

The below websites are also worth a visit to support your child with their learning:

Phonics games -

Oxford Owl - English and Maths information and activities and e-books -

50-fantastic ideas to try at home -

Literacy apps -


Apps that other parents have recommended:

  • Doodle pad
  • Teach your monster to read
  • Hairy phonics
  • Nessy
  • Puppet Pals
  • Duolingo


If you find any other websites and apps that are worth sharing please do let us know



Grebe Class 2019-2020

Take a look at what last year's Grebes got up to!

British Science Week

During British Science Week we were super scientists!

 John, Miss Horne's Dad, came to visit us to teach us about invertebrates. He brought us a bug hotel which we are going to use to investigate habitats and minibeasts. If you have any items that we could use to fill the bug hotel do bring them into school. Can you name some invertebrates?


We also investigated how we could help Humpty Dumpty with the problem he has when he falls off the wall. Different materials were tested and we make predictions about which would stop the egg from breaking. We then tested out predictions by dropping an egg from the same height with different materials. We had a go recording our findings and reporting back about what we had found out using words linked to materials such as strong, soft, flexible, bendy.

World Book Day

What a fantastic World Book Day! Thank you to families for organising outfits to support this. We enjoyed LOTS and LOTS of books and had some extra time to share books with the Moorhens. Miss Horne and Miss Mitchell were impressed with how the children worked together sharing their books.

Street Detectives

We learnt about the geography and history of the local area. We started our learning by thinking about what we like about our local area and where we would like to visit. We found out what a 'birds-eye view' is as well as learning about North, East, South and West. We used maps of Wallingford to learn how to read a key and to plan routes from one place to another using Left and Right. We discussed the differences between human features and natural features and learnt some new words.


We used PurpleMash to learn about algorithms and how important doing them in order is. We had a go using blocks to give algorithms to a friend to get them to make a model that matched our own. We then followed a written algorithm to create a set of birds that all matched and found out how to save and print them. Then we wrote our own algorithms to direct a beebot and roamer.

Fantastic Forecasters


In PSHE have been thinking about the value of respect. We took a look at what being respectful learning looks like including how we can help each other to achieve. The Grebes came up with some class guidelines for working in a team then had a go at showing them by working together to build animal shelters. Can you explain to a grown-up how you got the challenge done?

Terrific Tye-Dye

In Art we have explored how to change fabrics by using dye. We then experimented to make different patters by tie dyeing. We found out that rubber bands are very tricky to use - take a look below at our concentration and perseverance!

Marvellous Maths

In maths we like to use different resources to show our thinking. Take a look at our exploring representing numbers 11-20 using a variety of representations: concrete, pictorial, numeral and worded forms. We have also been working on explaining our reasoning for these representations which will move us onto  partitioning numbers into tens and ones (or into lots of tens, where appropriate). Take a look at our concrete representations:

Once upon a time . . . .

We have been learning a littler more about what 'History' is. We have been investigating historic toys. We looked at them first to try and work out what they were then had a go exploring them and identified quite a few problems with them. For example we thought we might get hurt playing with some of the wooden games and were glad that dolls had been developed to have moving parts. We then learnt what they actually are and which children might have played with them.

Ask some of your grown-up what they used to play with. Do they still have any that you could look at?


Still image for this video

More Mystery Readers!

Today we had more mystery readers in Grebe Class. We were very surprised with Moorhen Class turned up to ready us their winter poems. What a treat! Thank you Moorhens yes

RE - Why is Baptism special to Christians?

One of our big questions in RE is Is Everybody Special?

We have been thinking about what makes us special, how we know we are special, the bible stories The Lost Coin and the Lost Sheep and why Christians choose to be baptised. We had a visit from Rev. Rice to talk to us about baptism in the Anglican Church. He showed us what he does when someone is baptised at his church and explained about some of the special items he uses to do this. He then baptised Baby Joshua with the help of some of the Grebes and Kingfishers. Can you explain to someone at home what baptism means?

Terrific Tagging!

In games Coach James taught us a game with the rugby tags. We had great fun sneaking up on people to get their tags and therefore the ball for our team! The Grebes showed great team work, perseverance and tactical initiative. 

Part-Whole Model

In maths we have been exploring the part-whole model. We have been placing objects in the model in a variety of ways and explaining what we have done using the words "part" and "whole". We have also been working on explaining our reasoning of number facts using the part-whole model. This work prepares us for splitting numbers into 100s, 10s and 1s as we move forward. 

Can you turn the below models into number sentences?

Colourful Collage

We have been learning about collage this week in art. We used our class made watercolour paper to create underwater scenes using both tearing and cutting to achieve different results. You could have a go working on your scissor skills at home to create a scene to share at school. Can you spot a camouflaged creature in the art below?

Terrific Trip!

This week we started off term with a trip to the Earth Trust! The Herons were fabulous. They treated the minibeasts that we found with care and respect. They showed our value of perseverance even with it was raining and loved every minute.



Today we celebrated 30 years of Elmer 

We counted Elmers, painted Elmers, decorated Elmers, designed Elmers, made Elmers, made Elmer ears and read lots and lots of Elmer Stories. We even celebrated with balloons, a snack treat and sang Elmer Happy Birthday whilst he blew out the candles with his trunk!

Beautiful Bodies!

We used Purple Mash in science to draw our bodies and then read the labels to drag and drop in the right place. Can you have a go at home?


This week we joined with the rest of the school to celebrate HARTvest. We tried out lots of new art techniques to produce harvest related art. We also learnt some new harvest songs and performed them in our harvest celebration.

Amazing Animals, Amazing Term!

Glorious Grandparents

We were very lucky to have some special visitors We invited our Grandparents in to mark Grandparents' day. The Herons enjoyed showing their visitors around and exploring this weeks activities and then we shared snacks, drinks and stories in the hall.