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Welcome to Mallard Class

2019 - 2020

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Taylor are very impressed with how the new Mallards have settled into their learning this term - we are both looking forward to helping them becoming the best they can be this year.


We will making the most of all the learning opportunities in Nursery both inside and outside. As we move through each term we will add photos, information and home learning to this page so please check back each week to see what we have all been up to.


Should you have any questions or concerns please catch one of us or make an appointment through the office, alternatively contact us via email:

March 2020

If you are staying home with your children there are lots of lovely websites who are kindly offering ideas/free subscriptions, but I would also take the time to read stories, make up stories, build dens, play board games...all of the things that modern life makes us rush and hurry. Baking a cake or making tea together incorporates maths and communication and language more than a worksheet ever will.

Don't feel guilty watching a movie, snuggle up and look after each other! 


Here are some links to websites to keep your little ones busy......

  • - this is free to use during this period

         Username: march20


  • - EYFS - Creative at home
Just a few more from Surbiton Children's Centre Nursery...

Happy Easter

Can you believe we have reached the end of another term already? We've had a lovely week celebrating Easter. Making chocolate crispy nests, going on an Easter egg hunt and rolling our eggs down the hill have been firm favourites this week.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and we look forward to seeing you in Term 5.


Mother's Day Party

We'd like to say a BIG thank you to all of our 'Lovely Mummies' who came to join us for our Mother's Day celebrations this morning.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Week 5 - Spring has sprung

Flower soup has been on the menu this week. We've seen lots of great mixing, cutting, picking, grating, turn taking and co-operation!

Week 4 - The Three Little Pigs

What super story tellers we've been this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed this story and have done lots of 'huffing and puffing'. Ask me to tell you the story at home.

We also joined main school for National Poetry Day on Thursday where we performed our three little pig poem/song.

Week 3 - Jack and the Beanstalk

Fee Fi Fo Fum has been a familiar phrase this week in Mallards! We've had some AMAZING mark making this week. We've been learning to make zigzag marks in lots of different ways, including some super zigzag beanstalks! Ask me to show you at home, how to draw a zigzag.

Self Service Playdough Station

We have just launched our own 'make your own playdough' station this week and the children have LOVED it! They are using a recipe card that they have to read and follow to create their very own playdough that they can take home! It's all very exciting!! There have been so many lovely conversations about cause and effect..... what will happen if...... what shall I try next........?  


World Book Day 

March 2019

Thank you for all of the fantastic costumes today - we've had a lovely morning. We had a mystery reader visit our class to read us a story at the start of the morning - ask me who this was and what story I listened to!

We've shared lots of our storiestogether and enjoyed lots of role play with fairy tale characters.

Week 2 - Mr Wolf's Pancakes

Poor Mr Wolf had nobody to help him read his recipe, write his shopping list, count his money, carry his shopping or make his pancakes so he had to do it all by himself in the story!

So when we got a letter from Mr Wolf asking for help we decided the kind thing to do would be to help him. The Giant was visiting Mr Wolf for dinner and his favourite food was pizza so together we wrote a shopping list for Mr Wolf, helped him to count some money and then we helped him to make pizzas. We enjoyed them so we hope Mr Wolf and the Giant did too! 

Term 4 - week 1

Welcome back after the half term - I do hope you've had a restful week and enjoyed the glorious sunshine this weekend!

The children have returned full of enthusiasm this morning and were ready to explore with their friends.

Once upon a time......... is this terms topic so lots of story telling and role play. We've started today with the Gingerbread man and the children are already using the repetitive language 'Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man!' 

Ask me at home to tell you the story!


Mud kitchen enhancement!


Over half term we had a very exciting delivery to enhance our mud kitchen in Mallard garden! PWG Tree Surgeons very kindly offered to make a seating and table space and it is AMAZING!!

The children loved playing in it this morning and we had all kinds of mud creations from mud cake to mud nuggets!

Thank you Peter.

Numbers Day - 08.02.19

Thank you to everyone who joined in with the fun of NSPCC ‘Numbers Day’, the children have been buzzing about their outfits and have enjoyed the opportunity to tell us the numbers and patterns on their outfit choices! Thank you also for your kind donations which will go directly to the NSPCC.

We had lots of fun exploring numbers in different ways including lots of number rhymes, making number crowns, using numicon to help us count our smarties on our biscuits and taking part in a number hunt. What a busy morning! I wonder if you spotted any numbers on your way home from school today?  

Prayer Space - 06.02.19

We had a lovely 'experience' in the prayer space this week. It was very calm and peaceful and the Mallards showed lovely awe and wonder as you can see in some of their faces in the photos. We explored thankfulness, forgiveness, saying sorry, prayer and being unique. Thank you to all of the lovely volunteers who helped to make this happen.

Chinese New Year

Week beginning: 04.02.19

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We've LOVED exploring noodles in the tuff tray, using chopsticks to pick them up and scissors to cut them.

We've watched short television clips of dragon dancing and enjoyed making our own dragons and also doing our own dancing.

Our funky fingers have been working hard to thread beads to make blossom to add to the tree branches.

Lots of cooperation was needed to build 'The Great Wall of Mallards' after been inspired by a photograph of 'The Great Wall of China'.


Remembrance Day

This morning we have had a think about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. We watched the beautiful and evocative animation on CBeebies that sees war as experienced by animals in a WWI battlefield.

The children asked questions and talked about the feelings of the animals. If you would like to watch it again with your child please google CBeebies Remembrance animation.


Week 2 -

The Foggy Foggy Forest

This week we have read The Foggy Foggy Forest by Nick Sharrett. The children have LOVED it! We have created our own forest role play, explored shadows and had lots of fun with rhyme! The magic rhyme bag was lots of fun. We've also enjoyed our new role play area outside - we've had lots of imaginative role play using the different hats, bags and props! I have to say the superheroes were definitely a favourite.


Term 2 - Week 1

Welcome back after the half term - we hope you all had an enjoyable week. It's lovely to welcome all of the Mallards back - they are full of enthusiasm and ready for another busy term!

This week we have been thinking about Fireworks. We've enjoyed lots of creative activities and have been using the instruments to create LOUD and quiet sounds! I think making chocolate sparklers was a firm favourite!

Week 6 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt
We've been reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' this week! We've enjoyed lots of story telling and we even made some story maps.


On Thursday Mrs Taylor heard some crying so we went on our own Bear Hunt to find the bear who was feeling sad. 

It was a beautiful day and we weren't scared! But oh no we met some obstacles along the way!

Grass - swishy, swashy grass. We couldn't go over it, we couldn't go under it. Oh no we had to go through it!

A river - a deep, cold river!

Splash, splosh, splash, splosh - we had to go through it!

Oh No, MUD! Squelch, squerch, squelch, squerch!
Next stop the forest - STUMBLE, TRIP, STUMBLE, TRIP we went.

A swirly, whirly snowstorm! We can't go under it, we can't over it, oh no we've got to go through it!

Hooooo, wooooooo, hoooooo, woooooo.

Finally we found the cave. We saw 2 big furry ears, 2 big googly eyes, 1 shiny wet nose! It was the bear! Some of us were scared and ran away and some of us gave a bear a big cuddle to cheer him up!

Bear then came back to Mallards where we shared bear snacks and had a tea party!

Week 4 - Autumn and Chicken Licken

The weather seems to have turned a little autumnal this week so we've been investigating what changes happen in the autumn!

Was the sky falling down? Chicken Licken seemed to think so but Mallards knew it was just an acorn falling from the tree! What else falls from the trees in the autumn? We've explored conkers, acorns, different coloured leaves, fir cones and sycamore seeds!

Week 3 - Number rhymes

We have been doing lots of counting this week and we've enjoyed singing 5 Little speckled frogs, 5 little men in a flying saucer and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive! Ask me to sing you one of these songs at home.

Week 2 - Rhymes and dinosaurs

As well as more exploring and making new friends this week we've been learning some nursery rhymes and Benjamin inspired us with a dinosaur story. We put on our wellingtons and did lots of STOMPING and ROARING in the paint just like the dinosaurs in the story!   

September 2018 - Our first week in Mallards

Wow! The children in Mallards have been so busy learning, exploring and making new friends this week. As well as learning new rules and routines. We are very proud of them and are looking forward to a great year! Here are a few photographs of some of the things we have been doing.