St Nicholas Church of England

Infants' School

Becoming The Best We Can Be

Week beginning 27 April 2020

What a lot of lovely things that children have been sharing with the home learning email. The pictures are making the teachers smile and we thought we would share a few to inspire everyone. It has been great to hear from families and to be able to celebrate the children's achievements, even if we aren't getting to taste all the yummy food that keeps being made! 

We would love to celebrate some of the things you have been doing at home to help you become the best you can be. Please feel free to send a photo to


We will then share a selection of the photos emailed to us on this page in a virtual becoming the best we can be gallery!


If you would like to nominate your children for the Becoming The Best We Can Be Newsletter this can also be done by contacting the home learning email with the subject title BTBWCB Nomination.



One of the jobs this week is to design something for our value display at school. This can be  a piece of art, a poem, a poster, a story or a selection of quotes about friendship from your family members. If you undertake this challenge please send it to the home learning email so we can add it to the display.


The Nest Challenge


Our ELSA room, 'The Nest' is a work in progress and to help to give the space identity Mrs Gibbin would love to have a sign to place on the door. 


So, to all our wonderful creative children, please could you design a sign for the door!

It should...

- Clearly have 'The Nest' in the design.

- Be A4 size.

- We hope to frame it and hang it, so 2D pictures would be best.


It could...

- Incorporate the class birds from each of our classes.

- Be created using any materials/paints/crayons/felt tips etc.  


The teachers at school will vote for the design which best reflects the ethos of ELSA. The child who designs the sign that is chosen will earn a prize!


I look forward to seeing your designs! 

Mrs Gibbin