St Nicholas Church of England

Infants' School

Becoming The Best We Can Be

Week beginning 29 June 2020

Becoming Explorers - Savannahs

What do you get when you cross a desert with a rainforest? An environment called a tropical grassland, which is a large area of grasses with a few bushes and trees. In Africa, these tropical grasslands are called savannahs, and they have a rainforest on one side and desert on the other.

You might have been to a zoo to see animals such as zebras, lions, and giraffes, but these animals natural habitat is in the savannahs. This week we are exploring what it would be like to be on an African safari. We hope you brought shorts and short-sleeved shirts because the weather is warm all year long!


The clip below is set in a savannah. A group of meerkats lovingly tend to a beloved and unique fruit in the middle of the savannah. One day, their peaceful existence is disrupted by a vulture intent on stealing their pride and joy. Will the meerkats be able to get it back? 


Studio des Aviateurs © ESMA - Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques - 2015

These are the home learning menus for this week please feel free to pick and chooses activities that suit your child. We would love to hear how your get on, we can be contacted by emailing